RedHat Certificate of Expertise in Troobleshooting And Diagnostics

The Red Hat Enterprise Linux Diagnostics and Troubleshooting (RH342) course is meant for system administrators to provide them essential knowledge of various tools and techniques required to diagnose, troubleshoot and fix RHEL issues successfully. Participants will get hands-on experience to find and troubleshoot common issues on various subsystems.

Duration: 30 Hrs

Outcome: It shows to your future employers that you’ve quite a grip in Server Diagnostic and troubleshooting. Candidates will learn to approach troubleshooting in a structured and scientific manner. This approach will be useful in diagnosing problems related to boot issues, kernel issues, hardware issues, security issues, storage issues, network issues, RPM issues, and third-party application issues.

Other Benefits of doing Certification are:

Audience: Those who are looking for the future in the field of System Security, Server Diagnostics, troubleshooting.

Prerequisite:  Should be certified with RHCSA, RHCE and Server Hardening.


1. Introduction to troubleshooting

Describe a generalized strategy for troubleshooting.

2. Take proactive steps to prevent small issues

Prevent small issues from becoming large problems by employing proactive system administration

3. Troubleshoot boot issues

4. Troubleshoot storage issues

Identify and fix issues related to storage.

5. Troubleshoot RPM issues

Identify and fix problems in, and using, the package management subsystem.

6. Troubleshoot network issues

Identify and resolve network connectivity issues.

7. Troubleshoot application issues

8. Troubleshoot kernel issues

Identify kernel issues and assist Red Hat Support in resolving kernel issues