RedHat Certified Virtualization Administrator/Cloud Computing

The Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization course (RH318) arms professionals with the knowledge and skills needed to deploy and manage Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization technologies. Extensive hands-on training on Virtualization courses explore the virtualization features of Red Hat Enterprise Linux with the advanced Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization platform.

Duration: 25 Hrs

Outcome: It shows to your future employers that you’ve quite a grip on deploying private cloud infrastructure and apart from that you acquire the following skills

Self-hosted engine

Enhanced disaster recovery

Live migration

Storage live migration

High availability

Audience: Those who are looking for the future in the field for deploying Cloud Infrastructure.

Prerequisite:  Should have strong knowledge of Linux operating System.


RH318(Red hat Certified Virtualization Administrator)

1. Deploy Red Hat Virtualization.

2 .Configure Red Hat Virtualization environments (datacentres, clusters, and storage domains).

3 .Install, manage, and troubleshoot virtual machines (servers and desktops).

4. Create virtual machine snapshots.

5 .Use templates for rapid virtual machine deployment.

6 .Secure Red Hat Virtualization environments with multilevel administrative roles.

7 .Monitor and create custom reports.

8 .Migrate virtual machines and explore high-availability options.