RedHat Hat Certified Specialist in High Availability And Clustering

The RH436 course on Enterprise Clustering and Storage Management by Red Hat is created for senior Linux system administrators and will teach about the: storage management, Storage Server, and shared storage technology. A Red Hat Certified Engineer who had successfully completed this course will be able to prepare for this Red Hat course on Storage Management and RedHat Clustering.

Duration: 45 Hrs

Outcome: Upon Completion of this Course, you will accomplish following:-

Audience: Senior Linux system administrators and IT professionals who work in Linux enterprise environments and mission-critical RedHat systems.

Prerequisite:RHCE certification is required to take the exam  or to enroll in a version of this course that includes the exam (RH437).


Get an overview of storage and cluster technologies.

Review and create the architecture of Pacemaker-based high-availability clusters.

Review cluster node membership and how quorum is used to control    clusters.

Understand fencing and fencing configuration.

Create and configure simple resource groups to provide high-availability services to clients.

Identify and troubleshoot cluster problems.

Control complex resource groups by using constraints.

Identify and work around two-node clusters issues.

Manage iSCSI initiators for access to shared storage.

Configure redundant storage access.

Manage clustered LV.

Create symmetric shared file systems.

Eliminate single points of failure to increase service availability.

Set up high-availability services and storage