RedHat Certified Server Security & Hardening

Red Hat Server Hardening course takes the RHCE certification or equivalent experience forward to teach professionals how they can secure an enterprise Red Hat Linux system so that it complies with security policy requirements. This training program covers many aspects of security standards and policies which system administrators need to address. These include user authentication concerns, system logging and auditing, file system integrity, and updates among other things.

Duration: 30 Hrs

Outcome: It shows to your future employers that you’ve quite a grip in Server Hardening and Security. System Hardening takes security and diligence to another level.

That means it:

Audience: Those who are looking for the future in the field of System Security.

Prerequisite:  Should be certified with RHCSA,RHCE.


RH413(Server Hardening)

  1. Tracking security updates- CVE and Redhat Errata
  2. Managing software updates
  3. Creating file systems
  4. Implementing Filesystem Encryption
  5. Managing Special Permissions
  6. Managing additional File Access Cotrols
  7. Monitoring for file system changes
  8. Managing user accounts
  9. Managing Pluggable Authentication Modues (PAM)
  10. Securing GRUB Bootloader
  11. Controlling Identity Management-IDM
  12. Securing Console Access
  13. Installing central Authentication
  14. Managing central Authentication
  15. Configuring rsyslog log file management
  16. Configuring Access to Network Service
  17. Configuring System Auditing
  18. iptables Basics